Webel IT Australia's photo channel

Webel IT Australia is a Scientific IT Consultancy operated by Dr Darren Kelly.

Darren (who is also known under the musician/artist name PLAY) has bi-directional chromæsthesia (a form of synæsthesia). He invented the custom Drancel  lighting system and uses macro photography and video to communicate the experience/perception (qualia) of chromæsthetic visuals to others.

This site also contains some miscellaneous galleries of general interest to other photographers, especially night-scape photography and nature macro photography.

This site is primarily for photos and stills, for videos please visit the Webel video channel on Vimeo.

For information on Webel's computing, science, and media services please visit the Webel IT Australia home site.

This site features galleries of photography projects from Webel IT Australia, including images created using the unique Drancel light synthesis system and high resolution macro photography. 

For galleries on general photographic techniques and some personal galleries please visit the miscellany zone, which includes some exquisite garden macro photography and stunning cityscape night scenes - including Sydney's famous harbour and The Opera House.

Unless otherwise indicated, most images on this site were extracted from very high resolution digital photos, but are presented online in much lower resolution; if you want to enjoy them in their full glory visit the gallery view,  press the BUY! button, and enjoy quality framed prints in a wide range of formats, sent directly to you anywhere in the world!

All photos on this site are "straight from the camera", without any post-processing (or with only very minimal intensity adjustments to optimise print quality).

This site is currently only for photos and stills; many related videos are also presented on the external Webel Vimeo channel

I hope you enjoy these photos and images as much as I enjoyed preparing them,

Dr Darren Kelly (PLAY), Bondi, Sydney, Australia